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A grizzly screen is a sturdy screen with perforated plates used for primary screening material before fragmentation. Grizzly screens, sometimes called rock grizzlies or rock screeners, are static rock separators used to pre-screen bulkier loads. They are set on an incline where huge material, which could damage the screen if allowed to pile on top of it, is slid out of the way.Read More…

Grizzly Screens A grizzly screen, also referred to as a grizzly scalper or a grizzly feeder, is an extremely rugged type of low horsepower vibrating screen that is placed between a vibrating feeder and a primary crusher.
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Erie, PA  |  814-835-6000

ERIEZ is a global manufacturer of an entire range of vibratory feeders and related machinery. We serve all the process industries, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics, glass, packaging, metalworking, minerals processing and others.

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Rockford, IL  |  800-562-1868

Rodix manufactures vibratory feeder controls, inline track drives, drive bases, & bulk storage hoppers for part feeding systems. Our line of vibratory feeder controls feature variable amplitude, variable frequency, line-voltage compensation, UL/cUL Listed, CE Marked, and more. We have experience working with machine integrators, vibratory feed system builders, and manufacturers.

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Willoughby, OH  |

Bellco Feeders specializes in the engineering design and manufacturing of custom vibratory parts feeding systems. The team takes a modern approach and offers products that are unsurpassed in the market for quality, durability, and competitive pricing. Bellco has a full line of parts feeding systems including vibratory bowl feeders with bulk part hoppers, step feeders, flex feeders, and custom...

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Newberg, OR  |  800-246-2034

PPM Technologies Holdings, LLC is an innovative industry leader in the vibratory feeder industry. Our main focus has always been to provide our customers with high-quality products with the exact specifications for their needs. With our wide range of products, we are able to serve various industries.

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Bedford, OH  |  440-439-8081

Dengensha America Corp. is a dedicated and trusted vibratory feeders manufacturer. Our expert team is dedicated to manufacturing vibratory feeders built to last. All of our products are built using the latest technology. We offer customization options to better fit the needs of our customers.

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Dengensha America Corp. $$$

Brunswick, OH  |  330-220-1440

Best Process Solutions, Inc. is a manufacturer of vibratory feeders and conveyors. We have air fed vibratory feeders, vibratory conveyors, heavy and light-duty vibratory feeders, vibratory tables and other vibratory bulk process equipment, which can be designed to customer specifications. Call today!

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The grizzly screen has a limitation in the maximum size of rocks it can handle. A grizzly screen is a robust screen suitable for tough materials and high-capacity applications. Grizzlies used in a grizzly screen are made from high-strength, wear-resistant metal sheets or high-manganese casted steel. Grizzly screens are capable of handling both dry and wet materials. Grizzly screens can handle materials like ore, minerals, large stone, gypsum, and foundry materials. A grizzly screen consists of a screening body connected to a tray and the vibrating screen, which has a feed box at the base of the tray where the materials enter through.

How a Grizzly Screen Functions

They are equipped with perforated, or grizzly plates, mounted diagonally over their base. Grizzly screens have two grizzly sections allowing them to undergo operation under tough conditions. Viibrators (either electromechanical or electromagnetic) are placed at intervals under the screening body. The screens are mounted on a structural framework supported by a suspending device (either steel coil springs or leaf springs). The springs serve the purpose of being shock absorbers and, at the same time, ensure that vibrations occur at a natural frequency.

Grizzly Screen Installation

When installing a grizzly screen, the grizzly bars are held by spacers at varying openings that depend on the sizes of particles or materials being screened. A tray is connected to a screening body where materials enter. A feed box is installed at the base of the tray, which vibrates. The vibration is caused by the insertion of electromechanical and electromagnetic vibrators placed underneath the body at intervals. The electromagnetic vibrators are inserted to provide a smooth conveying motion.

Steel coil springs and leaf springs are mounted on the structural framework supported by a suspending device. To ensure that materials are vibrated in a specified direction, an electric motor should be attached and installed to the structural framework.

Types of Grizzly Screens

The different types of grizzly screens include:

Linear-Motion Grizzly Screens:

Linear-motion grizzly screens are best for scalping ahead of using primary cone crushers in the mining industry. A linear-motion grizzly screen has been designed with the main aim of removing fine particles from the feed before primary crushing occurs.

linear motion grizzly screens

These screens can be combined along with table feeders when high capacities and heavy loads are required. The vibrator consists of two shafts with jogged gears that rotate and produce an enormous linear power, forcing the feeder to vibrate.

Circular Motion Screens:

Circular motion grizzly screens work best for the fine pre-screening or post-screening of heavy-duty medium screen operations. They are primarily used in bulk material handling for heavy-duty screening of undersized particles. This type of screening is commonly used in construction, foundry, industrial, recycling, and mining applications.

conventional circular throw

Circular motion in conventional circular throws is made possible by the use of shafts, couplings, and roller bearings.

Applications of Grizzly Screens

  • Grizzly screens have the ability to handle dry and wet materials, providing numerous applications for warehouses and industries.
  • Grizzly screens can ensure the staying of large materials on the screen by providing additional height because a single unit can handle multiple sizing decks.

Benefits of Grizzly Screens

  • Grizzly screens are efficient compared to topsoil screeners since they can be fed with large rocks and debris.
  • Grizzly screens are less costly compared to other screens as they do not require a lot of maintenance.
  • Grizzly screens are available in various sizes making them efficient for several uses.
  • Grizzly screens have grizzly bars which help handle the impact of huge materials that might damage the soil screener.
  • Grizzly screens are able to cull larger particles, resulting in the pile of oversized material on the ground instead of the screen.
  • A grizzly screen is a self-cleaning tool that speeds up production.

Choosing the Proper Grizzly Screen Supplier

To make sure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing grizzly screens from a grizzly screen supplier, it is important to compare at least 4 companies using our list of grizzly screen suppliers. Each grizzly screen supplier has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each grizzly screen business website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each business specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple grizzly screen businesses with the same form.

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