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Linear vibratory feeders are ideal for sorting irregularly-shaped materials and products. Linear vibratory feeders are highly stable, and can provide the precise tracking and movement necessary to keep irregular-shaped materials flowing at a regulated rate. Linear feeders are necessary for smooth transition and movement without whipping motion in the track, which can damage the material or equipment. When you purchase new vibratory feeders, look for the following customization options for the best performance in your machine:

Multiple motor options: Different materials travel better with different movement speeds. A variable motor speed helps you choose the motor speed that is ideal for a particular material. The more motor options you have, the more use you can get out of the feeder with a variety of materials and particles.

Contra-rotate feeding system: This feeding system works as a counter to the main motor providing a feed that operates at the same feed rate throughout the entire feeding process. The contra-rotate feature prevents back-up or clogs and helps facilitate the movement of the material through the feeder.

Safety brake: Sometimes it may be necessary to stop the machine due to problems with the machine or the material inside the feeder. A safety brake will quickly and immediately stop the flow of the material and turn the machine off. This provides the maximum level of safety possible.

Out of balance weights: These weights help control coarse feed-rate by attaching to the motor and providing balance. This helps prevent the feeder from becoming overloaded with larger particles, which can cause the unit to clog.

Tray variations: Look for tray variations that provide closed or open systems, depending on your factory needs. Most vibrating feeders have one or the other, and few can switch between open and closed systems. Look for a machine that has a tray type that best fits the needs of the materials you use in your factory.

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